Recently, I made a very big decision. I want to share with you what happened because what you see here will soon be very, very different.

Summer vacation mind mapFirst, a little back story. I took the entire month of August off. This was my first summer vacation in a long, long time and it was packed with lots of travel. Our biggest trip was to Washington, D.C. While my husband was attending a conference, I had every day to myself.

Each morning, I got up, did my yoga practice, and walked to one of the gazillions of museums that Washington is famous for. Because I was on my own, I had plenty of time to think as I immersed myself in art and beauty day after day.

One morning, I brought out my journal and began to process the last year or so, especially the last six months since my book came out. I looked into what I’d been doing and where I might go from here. The conclusion I reached was pretty simple: I realized that what I really wanted to do was become a full time artist.

This conclusion wasn’t really a decision. It was more the statement of something that a lot of people around me already had realized and seen in me. I’d seen it, too, but I was afraid to admit it.

When I got back home, I told a few people—my closest friends—but I was still very afraid. I was afraid that I wasn’t a good enough artist. I was afraid to say out loud that my path had led me to this new place. And I was afraid to put it all out into the world because…well, just because.

All through the month of September, I threw myself into art journaling (I was even featured by a prominent art journaling blogger!). I spent the first couple of weeks of October asking myself how to move forward with my “public” life. Mostly, I had to summon the courage to say out loud what I’ve been saying in private: I am pursuing a life as a full time artist.

Here is what I have decided.

  • I will be blogging about my creative life from here on. If I talk about productivity, making art and being creative will be the context.
  • After this month, I am discontinuing my Facebook page and my Facebook group.
  • I’ll be sending out one last newsletter to say farewell to my subscribers. I haven’t decided if I’ll start a new newsletter for my life as an artist or not.
  • I’ve wanted to do online art teaching for a long time so I’m going to start creating offerings. Stay tuned.

I’m sure there will be other changes, too, but these are the ones that affect what you see here and what you may experience of me in other channels.

So there, I have come out as an artist. Whew! If you want to see my recent work, check out my newsletter.


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