What gift should you get for a bird artist?

Whether the person on your list is a beginner or a seasoned professional, there’s something on this gift list that will make your bird-loving artist gasp with delight! And if you know a birder, you’re in luck—lots of these gifts will make a bird watcher happy, too!


Every bird artist loves great photo reference and better still if they can take their own photos! The Nikon Coolpix p1000 has world-class zoom capabilities and shoots stunning video as well.


If they’ve got a camera, they’ll need a tripod. This Peak Design Travel Tripod is super strong but folds down to the diameter of a water bottle! Even better, Peak Design’s commitment to the environment is outstanding, making it a gift from a company you and your bird-lover will want to support.


To be a great bird artist, it helps to be a good birder. These Zeiss binoculars are just right the right gift for seeing all the details of those birds that your bird artist will be drawing or painting.


If the bird artist on your list loves owls, then this Biolite Headlamp will be a hit. There’s nothing like seeing that Great Horned Owl in person! Not only is this headlamp light and bright, it’s also rechargeable.

Adjustable height standing table

As any artist will tell you, being able to stand up to work or sit down and not have to rearrange the entire studio is a gift in itself! This Flexispot electric adjustable height table is the perfect solution! At 24” x 48”, there’s plenty of room for every project and the height smoothly rises from 29” to 48.6” at the touch of a button.

Tabletop Easel

Your artist may not have room for a floor easel but I promise you, they’ll love this table top version. This is the same one I’ve been using for years—it’s well-built, rock solid, and adjustable.


I’ve had one of these Epson Perfection V600 scanners for years. It’s a workhorse! This is the perfect gift for any artist who wants to create crisp scans of their bird artwork for their portfolio, website, or for sale.

Wide-format Printer

This Canon Pro-100 wide format printer will help your bird-loving artist to make beautiful prints for gifts or for sale.

Moleskine Sketchbook

As any artist will tell you, Moleskine’s sketchbooks are simply wonderful. The paper is thick, the cover is durable, and it’s always a joy to carry around. The perfect gift for field sketching all those birds!

Mechanical Pencil

This Graphgear 500 is my favorite pencil for sketching. I love the weight and feel of it in my hand and it’s always sharp! The 0.3 mm lead is perfect for fine details. Your artist is sure to love it, too. And don’t forget to get some refills as a stocking stuffer.

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

Want to be the champion gift-gifter this year? Get your bird artist this iPad Pro and you’ll be a rock star! They’ll use it constantly for painting or drawing from photo reference as well as just about everything else they’d normally do with a laptop—yep, it’s that powerful. Add a personalized Apple Pencil to encourage their forays into working digitally.

Watercolor Journal

Frankly, your artist can never have too many sketchbooks and this Field Artist watercolor journal is going to tickle their fancy for sure. The square pages are just right for creating works to post on their Instagram.

Watercolor Palette

Speaking of watercolor, this Meeden watercolor palette is going to be a favorite gift with your bird-loving artist. They can fill the pans with their own choices of colors and there’s plenty of mixing space. Fits great in the hand for those who enjoy plein air painting on-the-go.

Watercolor Travel Brush Set

Watercolorists are always looking for good brushes and these Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky travel brushes are not only of excellent quality but they are cruelty-free. I can attest at the water carrying capacity of these brushes—and this kit is definitely on my own Christmas gift list this year!

Professional Quality Watercolors

Your bird-loving artist will simply swoon over this Alvaro Castagnet watercolor set from Daniel Smith. These are the highest quality pigments on the market and this mixing set would make a wonderful trio gift with the watercolor palette and travel brushes.

Fine Watercolor Paper

Arches watercolor paper is outstanding for its quality and for retaining the transparent beauty of watercolors. Not sure about cold press versus hot press? Get one of each! I’m sure the artist on your list won’t mind getting two gifts!

Colored Pencils

There’s something about getting a big set of colored pencils that just sets an artist’s heart on fire! This 72 color Prismacolor Colored Pencil set will allow your artist to create beautiful plumage on any bird they choose to draw with them.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Any artist that uses colored pencils will tell you that a high-volume electric sharpener is a must! I’ve had one of these X-acto sharpeners for years and I can attest to its reliability.

Drawing Board

These lightweight drawing boards are so handy! Nicely portable for sketching on the go and wonderful for working in the studio as well. This is a gift your bird artist will be really impressed with!


Skillshare is the gift of knowledge and skill. Chock-full of courses on every possible subject the bird-loving artist on your list might want to learn about. Try it on me and get 14 days of premium for free!

Field Guide to Color

Lisa Solomon’s Field Guide to Color is a wonderful gift for any artist. They’ll learn all about color theory, mixing color, and discovering their own personal color palette.

Manual of Ornithology


As your bird-loving artist grows in skill and ability, the Manual of Ornithology will help them to learn more about the anatomy of their subjects. Beautifully illustrated, this gift will be treasured for a lifetime.

Color and Light

James Gurney is an unparalleled master of both color and light. Your bird artist will learn so much from Color and Light. It’s a book they’ll use over and over for painting birds as well as their habitat.

What It’s Like to Be a Bird

This is what every bird-loving artist wants to know: What It’s Like to Be a Bird. Author David Allen Sibley, himself an accomplished bird artist, gives amazing insights into the lives of our favorite feathered creatures.

Living Bird Magazine

Here’s a gift that not only helps the artist but also helps the birds! By making a donation to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, they’ll get quarterly issues Living Bird magazine, a wonderful resource for learning more about birds as well as how to conserve and protect them.

Birdhouse Spy Cam

Ever wonder what goes on inside the bird house? With this teensy Spy Cam, your bird artist will always be in the know! It’s a wonderful and creative gift to be a part of the lives of their subjects.

Window Bird Feeder

Watching the birds up close will be such a treat for your favorite bird artist! This feeder attaches directly to the glass. Trays remove for easy cleaning.

Bird-Safe Windows

Did you know that birds see in ultraviolet? Your bird-loving artist will be able to protect their local birds from colliding with windows by using these WindowAlert decals and UV liquid. Window collisions are a major source of mortality to birds and your recipient will appreciate knowing that they’re helping to protect their beloved subjects.

Feeder Cam

Here’s an easy way for your bird-loving artist to collect photos for drawing or painting: this Apeman Mini Trail Wildlife camera. So tiny and yet very powerful, this teensy cam takes photo and records video, too

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