As a bird artist, I am constantly looking at bird photos and when I find a source for excellent images, I go nuts! While I knew about Unsplash, I had no idea that there were hundreds of amazing bird photos there! Here are ten of my favorites.

Keel-billed Toucan

Photographer: Zdeněk Macháček

What I love about it: Having lived in both Costa Rica and Panama, I have observed hundreds of these amazing birds. The photographer captured this image of a perched toucan on a lovely epiphyte festooned branch with just a hint of rain.

Short-eared Owl

Photographer: Richard Lee

What I love about it: During the winter, I occasionally go out with my husband to look for Short-Eared Owls. They leave their roosts about dusk and float over the fields like giant moths. The direct gaze of this bird is especially compelling.

Brown-hooded Parrot

Photographer: Zdeněk Macháček

What I love about it: Despite the rain, this parrot looks so jolly! The bird was directly facing the camera which yields an unusual perspective. The raindrops on his head add a lovely touch.

Sparkling Violetear

Photographer: Chris Charles

What I love about it: This hummingbird is simply exquisite. Every feather, every detail, can be seen and appreciated. The iridescence of hummingbirds is notoriously hard to capture, but this image actually does them justice.


Photographer: Rod Long

What I love about it: Gulls are truly under appreciated so much so that the photographer didn’t provide a species identification. This bird’s wing, caught in flight, is illuminated from behind, allowing the viewer to see every single flight feather in rare detail. The rim light on the bird’s head makes this gull seem angelic.

European Robin

Photographer: Jan Meeus

What I love about it: I can almost hear this bird singing! I find this pose particularly attractive and the contrast of the bright lichens with the bird’s plumage is lovely.

Mountain Bluebird

Photographer: John Duncan

What I love about it: Mountain Bluebirds practically glow in the dark and the photographer captured the plumage of this male perfectly. The colored twigs add another pop of color to this very dynamic composition.

Crested Tit

Photographer: Martial Fournier

What I love about it: This adorable Crested Tit makes me want to book a flight to Portugal. Although I generally don’t favor profile shots, this little guy is so sweet and so clearly depicted that I couldn’t resist.

Indigo Bunting

Photographer: Bruce Jastrow

What I love about it: I really love photos that show the shapes of the birds and this lovely Indigo Bunting does just that. The roundness of the head and the contours of the bill are very clear on this colorful male and his attitude makes him appear friendly and curious.


Photographer: Dušan Smetana

What I love about it: Talk about attitude! This Kookaburra has loads of personality. The direct gaze gives me the feeling he’s looking at me and the feather edges are clearly visible to provide tons of texture.

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