Drawing and painting on location is a wonderful way to enjoy your surroundings while creating a lasting memory of your experience. There is something magical that happens when you record what you’re seeing around you in your sketchbook. It’s truly transformative!

In this class, I’ll be your guide for four Saturday morning sketchwalks. We’ll start each session on the back deck of the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center with a short introduction to nature and urban sketching. Then we’ll go on a stroll to do some sketching on location. The focus will be on your experience of what’s in front of you and how you might document that with line, shape, value, or color, depending on what supplies you bring with you. At the end of each session, we’ll take a look at what we’ve created and enjoy what we’ve learned.

My go-to supplies for on location sketching: an inexpensive sketchbook and ballpoint pen, a mixed media sketchbook, permanent markers, watercolors, and a water brush.

Materials: bring your favorite sketchbook and a simple set of materials. If you’ve never done on location sketching, no worries. You don’t need much to get started. At a minimum, you need paper and a pen or pencil.

When: Saturdays from 9 am until 10 am, June 29 – July 20
Where: Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, 2638 NW Jackson Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330
Cost: Pay As You Can – $0 – $130

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