Green-tailed Towhee ©2020

A few months ago, I challenged myself to sketch more birds (up to ten every day!) and as a result, I’ve gotten more and more confident in my drawing abilities. I also found that my quick sketches were evolving into more and more detailed drawings. So I decided to start a sketchbook and allow myself the freedom to do fully developed drawings over several days at a time.

During our recent trip to eastern Oregon, I got very inspired by the birds of the sagebrush country.

Sagebrush Sparrow ©2020

I’ve been working in pencil lately but I’m starting to practice my inking skills in anticipation of Inktober. While I don’t plan to do a drawing every day in October, I have chosen several of the prompts that seem to fit birds. As one of my practice pieces, I did this Sage Thrasher; I added the yellow to the eye using colored pencil.

Sage Thrasher ©2020

Have you ever done Inktober? Are you planning to participate this year?

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