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There are three tiers to choose from with lots of great benefits in each.

Feathered Friends

$5 per month

  • Early access to YT vids
  • Weekly blog post with photos and WIP. Personal updates, projects I’m working on, fun pics of Finch, the works!
  • Monthly patrons-only vlog: work in progress, behind the scenes, Q&A! 
  • Monthly phone wallpaper downloadable. A new image every month for your phone
  • Line art and photo reference for your personal use, drawing, painting, or coloring page

Lucky Ducks

$10 per month

Feathered Friends rewards plus:

  • Monthly sketchbook tour blog post – patrons-only. I sketch all the time, you’ll get to see what I’m working on every month in photos.
  • Printable download or computer wallpaper. A new image every month for your personal use.
  • 10% shop discount

Happy Larks

$20 per month

Friends and Ducks rewards plus

  • Monthly vinyl sticker! Yes, stickers! New image every month.
  • Monthly sketchbook tour vlog post – I’ll publish a patron-only only sketchbook tour with commentary. 
  • After 3 months of patronage: you’ll receive a handmade zine of my artwork – Ikr? Incredible! And another one every 3 months as long as you remain a patron. Yes, it’s true!