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I shared my post with Josh Spector and he came back with great feedback. Josh said:

One note on that for you to consider: The 100 times rule is flexible. It’s intended to help you avoid quitting things you start, not necessarily prevent you from starting them (though sometimes that can be helpful too).

Something to think about:

100 times doesn’t have to be 100 vlog episodes.

It might be working on your vlog for 100 days. Or 100 hours.

It might be writing down 100 ideas for vlog episodes.

It might not even be “100” of anything.

Maybe it’s 50 times. Maybe it’s 10.

The point is to make a purposeful decision, choose a framework, and then commit and stick to it.

The beauty of committing to a specific number up front is it frees you from judging every bit of progress (or lack thereof) along the way.

It removes the need to constantly assess whether or not you should give up once you start.

You already know when you get to make that decision…it’s after you hit your number.

Fire, right?

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