Artist Jane Kim (aka Ink Dwell) is not only an incredible bird artist but a wonderful illustrator of the natural world as a whole. Formally trained as a printmaker, Kim studied scientific illustration and shortly thereafter, began work as a muralist.

As a bird artist, Kim is perhaps best known for the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Wall of Birds. The massive 70 foot by 40 foot work depicts all 243 extant bird families at life scale. Kim even created her own “Avian Pantone,” a mixing map of her palette — which was composed of latex interior house paint supplemented with Golden Fluid Acrylics. You can hear Kim discuss her process for painting this massive piece here. To explore the mural, a Google’s Arts and Culture Our Feathered Planet is a great place to start.

If her talent as an artist wasn’t enough to inspire your admiration, Kim is also deeply dedicated to conservation and protection of the natural world.

Jane Kim / Ink Dwell

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