Are you ready to start drawing birds? 

If you’ve wanted to learn how to draw beautiful, realistic birds then Drawing Birds for Beginners is for you!

  • Express your love of nature
  • Have fun with a new hobby
  • Experience the world in a new way
  • Learn at your own pace

Learn how to:

  • Use pencil mark-making to depict feathers, bills, feet, and perches.
  • Observe angles and measure proportions.
  • Use hatching to create realistic feathers.
  • Curate and preserve your work.
  • Draw a beautiful bird!

I will take you step by step through the entire process I use for making pencil drawings. You can use your own reference photo or join me as I draw an Oregon Junco (I’ll provide a high-res copy of the image for you to use).


How long can I access the class?

Forever! The class is yours to keep.

Can I take the class at my own pace?

Absolutely! The best part of online learning is that you can speed up or slow down as needed.

If I need help, can I ask questions?

Of course! I am always available to help you learn.