It’s time to get ready for #Birdtober2022! In this post, I’ll be sharing photo reference for all the birds in the Birdtober2022 prompt list. Even though I’m no longer on Instagram, I plan to do my own version of Birdtober as a fun way to learn new skills and practice drawing birds.

Here are a few things you might want to know

  • When the prompt was generic (e.g. Swan), I chose a specific species (in the case of Swan, I chose Tundra Swan).
  • I looked for images that are dynamic or have some unusual visual interest. There is a mix of perspectives and activities, including flying birds.
  • Image quality varies. If an image was particularly interesting to me, I went for pose over focus or resolution.
  • All photos are from Wikimedia Commons or Unsplash so you can feel free to use any image from my stash. Even though I’m not on Instagram, I’d appreciate a mention in your caption as Tara Kate. Thanks!

1. Red Junglefowl (Rooster)

2. Campo Flicker

3. Macaroni Penguin

4. Anna’s Hummingbird

5. Tundra Swan

6. Zebra Finch

7. Secretary Bird

8. Sun Conure

9. Razorbill

10. Pileated Woodpecker

11. Saffron Finch

12. Black Drongo

13. Turtle Dove

14. Philippine Eagle

15. Red-necked Avocet

16. Northern Lapwing

17. Spix’s Macaw

Artist’s Note: I chose this image of a museum specimen because Spix’s Macaw is extinct in the wild. There are some captive birds and efforts are being made to reintroduce them into their native habitat in Brazil.

18. Snow Bunting

19. Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

20. Cerulean Warbler

21. Kakapo

22. Rosy-faced Lovebird

23. Eurasian Jay

24. Bullfinch

25. Yellow-crowned Night Heron

26. Common Myna

27. Golden Oriole

28. White-browed Tit-warbler

29. Artist’s Choice: Shoebill

30. Egyptian Vulture

31. Barn Owl

Image sources (pdf download)

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