Ten Pinterest Resources for Artists

Aug 12, 2020

Pinterest presents incredible opportunities for artists to connect with collectors, art directors, and fans. Here are ten great resources to help you to get started or to level up your Pinterest.

New Pinterest Best Practices for 2020: How to Get Results and Stay Safe

Learn how Pinterest is prioritizing distribution of content and the new restrictions on duplicate pins.

Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2020: Video Pins and More

Helpful resources on creating video pins as well as suggestions for how to boost engagement.

How to Use Pinterest: The Ultimate Beginners Guide 2020

Even if you’re an experienced Pinterest user, you’ll still find lots of useful ideas including Featured Boards, becoming a verified merchant, and creating pins for aesthetics.

Doing Pinterest for Etsy Sellers

Gives specific recommendations for making pins that improve Pinterest’s image match feature, writing a product description, and scheduling your posts.

How to Use Pinterest for Etsy Shop: Get More Traffic and Sales in 2020!

Includes examples of Etsy shops that are successful on Pinterest as well as ways to make your Pinterest account better for driving traffic and sales to Etsy.

5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

Learn how to leverage key words and SEO, use your stories as pins, and repurpose your IGTV videos.

Flat Lay Images for Pinterest: 7 Tips E-commerce Sellers Must Know

A terrific and helpful guide to creating compelling flat lay images that will help you get more pins and sell more art.

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Bloggers

This guide by Dustin Stout is loaded with helpful information will apply to artists even if you don’t have a blog. The section on types of pins, making your website pin-friendly, and color psychology are all super helpful.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand

This guide by SEO guru Neil Patel includes the best times of day to pin and helpful SEO strategies to optimize your pins for Pinterest searches.

The Pinterest Guide to Selling Art Online

While a bit dated, this guide addresses the always-popular worry about copyright infringement as well as some ideas for kinds of boards that will help you to showcase and promote your work.

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