Four Digital Marketing Trends for Artists in the Second Half of 2020

Jul 31, 2020
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As this COVID situation continues to evolve and we’re probably all stuck in our studios for the foreseeable future, I started wondering: What are the digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in the second half of 2020?

1. Live video

When when the quarantine started, my online video consumption went way up and I wasn’t the only one. According to Nielsen, online video content being watched went up globally by 60%. As the pandemic drags on, online video is certainly going to continue to be a big part of how people cope.

As artists, we are in exactly the right place to take advantage of this trend in video consumption. Those of us who are brave enough to take our videos live will do even better. If you’ve got a YouTube channel, you’re all set for going live.

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2. Interactive Content

Interactive content is another digital trend that is made to order for us as artists. This is where your creativity can really shine as you consider how many different ways you can invite people to not just passively view your art or your teaching but to interact, reply, comment, and share.

Live chats during both live streaming and video premiers is one way to engage and interact with your audience. One of my favorite (non-art) YouTube channels is Chateau Diaries. Stephanie, the genius behind the channel, participates in live chats during premiers of pre-recorded videos as well as her live streams. She regularly has over 3,000 viewers watching her premiers and the live chat is like a cocktail party filled with warm, friendly guests.

Need more ideas for interactive content?

  • Poll your audience about what kinds of videos to record or what tutorials to release
  • Set up a “close friends” list of your most engaged followers in Instagram and release special stories content for that audience alone
  • Create content carousels for your Instagram feed (yep, swiping counts as interaction!)

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3. Video listings on Etsy

This is kind of niche, but if you have an Etsy shop, adding video to your listing is going to help you to stand out. The video feature is still in beta testing so now is the time to get it all figured out. We can’t know how much difference video listings will make for sales but since video content is so popular, it’s a very good bet that it will help you convert lookers into buyers.

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4. Alternative and Niche Social Media Channels

It’s probably no secret that Instagram is not my favorite option for social media anymore. So I was fascinated to learn that alternative and niche channels are on the marketing trends radar.

There is always a next-big-thing on the horizon, right? Here are a few possibilities for niche social media that might help you market your art or teaching more successfully.

  • Pinterest: Since Pinterest is a visual medium, it’s no surprise that it’s a natural space for visual artists. And, as you might guess, video content is hot, hot, hot. Have I mentioned that video is a hot trend?
  • TikTok: This is a tricky one. Will TikTok get banned in the US? Who knows? But if it doesn’t, it’s likely to be a very strong player and if you can figure out how to use it, it might pay off handsomely.
  • Flickr: Yeah, it’s old school. But it’s still a viable channel that might get more traction as more people become disenchanted with Facebook and Instagram.
  • DeviantArt: It’s unclear to me if DeviantArt is a good platform to use for connecting with potential collectors or students, but it is a strong art-centric platform that may help you to build a following.
  • Vero: As an Instagram alternative, Vero is a possibility. The platform is algorithm-free which is a big plus in my view.
  • Twitch: If you haven’t heard of Twitch, don’t worry, it’s very niche, too—for gamers. But that said, it does offer a an alternative to other live-streaming platforms and there is always something to be said about being an early adopter.

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