Learning Watercolor: Brush Work Resources from the Mind of Watercolor

Jun 24, 2020
Western Bluebird. 2018 © Tara Kate

I’m not sure why, but when I pick up a paint brush, my hand sometimes gets a mind of its own. Especially if I’m a little unsure of myself or feeling nervous about what I’m trying to depict, my hand starts making marks I didn’t intend.

As I’ve worked on improving my watercolor skills, putting in the brush miles, I’ve sought out virtual mentorship online to help me solve my brushwork problem. Fortunately, I bumped into The Mind of Watercolor aka Steve Mitchell.

Steve’s YouTube channel is a massive treasure trove of tutorials and demonstrations on practically every aspect of watercolor. Recently, though, I’ve found his videos on brushes to be the most helpful. Here’s a rundown:

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